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    Lucinda Chambers’ ‘Posh Girl’ Racism

    Lucinda Chambers worked for British Vogue for 36 years, but as soon as she was fired by a black man, she suddenly had something to say about the publication. Lucinda’s seething indictment of Vogue is inconsistent. In some sentences she’s throwing around words like ‘crap’ to describe covers and complaining about advertisers. In another she’s moaning about how she wanted to tell everyone that Edward Enninful (the first black editor of British Vogue who replaced Alexandra Shulman, a woman who claims diversity doesn’t sell) fired her within three seconds and that she actually loved her time at Vogue.. If the new editor was white would she be spilling the tea?…

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    Staying In A Psych Hospital While Black

    A few months ago I was hospitalized because of some adverse side effects from a new medication for my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. My time at the hospital was largely helpful. I learned a lot and was given a lot of tools for handling symptoms until the medication kicked in. The staff was amazing. But there was one thing about my stay that was frustrating, triggering, and simply unacceptable. The staff during the day was mostly white. Then at night they would leave and the night staff would come in. The night staff was most times entirely made up of people of color, sometimes with one or two white staff…

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    Don’t Kill Yourself Working Twice As Hard As Them

    I so often want to do things the hard way. To ‘work’ for things. I feel that if something is not done in the most challenging and obstacle-ridden way, it is not valid. And maybe I don’t deserve it.   This interests me as someone who has many marginalized identities. So often we say that we have to work harder for things because of our oppression. And of course this is true. But I’ve found that this mantra has become self imposed as well. I’m realizing now that I need to leave the oppression to others, I can’t oppress myself. So often in anticipation of my dreams being rejected, I…

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    Everlane Rips Off Pansy’s Female Founder For A New “Feminist” Underwear Line

    Pansy is a local brand to California, based in San Leandro and Oakland. The owner, Laura Schoorl, doesn’t claim to make feminist underwear and does not take advantage of feminism as a way to sell women things. She simply makes comfortable, organic cotton underwear that can be thrown in the compost bin and that is designed and sewed in California, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Her brand has a bit of a cult following on Instagram… …which is why I was surprised when Everlane came out with an underwear line that looks just like it. Everlane’s ad features Jemima Kirke, a white woman from a show with women of color…

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    Anatomy Of An Outfit

    I’ve been thinking a lot about styling. Working as a virtual stylist, I often tell people what colors go together, what items they can put together based on what is in my mind. But I find this process can be limiting at times. The truly innovative and exciting outfits I have put together are driven by curiosity. It is a very tactile process.   When I put an outfit together, I usually start with an item or two and I may wonder: what would this look like with this other piece? Once I have that piece on, I become a designer. I find all the ways I can wear that…

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    Build A Wardrobe With Self Care: 12 Opinions On How To Shop

    How to build a wardrobe from scratch? This is a controversial topic. I have read so many articles on this and they are all true! It is so frustrating. Answers, answers, I say! Where are they? Well, luckily in this metropolis there are plenty of knowledgeable (and super nice) folks with some solid tips. Philip was the first style maven I approached and he actually came up with the photo idea. I had no clue what I was doing yet. Just happened to be in Berkeley one day and was like, let’s talk to people. Philip helped to focus the vision. PHILIP @philayee “My shopping strategy is to spend the…

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    The Essential Winter-to-Spring Transition Piece: Printed Leggings

    So California has been a bit weird the last few years. And currently it has been 73 every day for at least the last week in FEBRUARY. And this is NorCal people. No, sorry, we don’t surf here. But hello global warming! Maybe it will be time to invest in a surfboard soon due to the impending doom of the earth. Oh well, can’t have everything. Back to the matter at hand. This winter-spring transition is usually pretty challenging because it’s too cold for summer clothes and too hot for winter clothes. And also, there is so much excitement for stores to roll out spring clothing in February but the…

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    8 Steps to Modernize Your Bell Bottoms

    These pants were originally vintage dip-dye bell bottoms that I purchased at Mars in Berkeley a few years ago. The awesome thing about bell bottoms is their silhouette but unless you’re going for a bohemian look, it can be a bit dated. So I was all like yeah, we can’t have all that datedness. Not today. In order to modernize your fave pair of bell bottoms, follow this steps to transform them into culottes: 1. Match up the bottom hems of the pair. This will help you to make sure the cut is even. You should match up the bottoms of the jeans so that the seams match up then…

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    A Current Affair SF Bay Area Review/Mini Haul November 2nd, 2017

    I kept hearing about this vintage pop up event and missing it. Finally made it this year. If I remember correctly, A Current Affair is an event that happens multiple times a year at different locations: New York, Bay Area, and Los Angeles. The mission is to make vintage accessible to someone who would buy modern designer clothing. They basically have a bunch of different vintage sellers set up in one warehouse. I don’t fit that description but from the photos I thought it appeared that they had many one of a kind pieces that I might not see elsewhere. I’m also not really a “vintage” buyer. Though I buy…

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