Thrift Haul October 21, 2017

Yesterday (since it’s in the wee hours of the morning – technically two days ago) I went to Community Thrift in the Mission in SF. This is my second time going. I had a great time and definitely utilized my earphones. They had an incredible selection and I found so many pieces. One major drawback is that they don’t have any changing rooms so there are a couple items that I hated once I got home and a couple others that I’m not sure about yet. Part of this is my fault. If I had planned better and worn some leggings or tight shorts I probably wouldn’t have had this issue. I did not take pictures of the things I’m not sure about and I also have not listed prices but I’m pretty sure everything was in the $6-$7 range.


I put this look together from a top I got yesterday. The pants are also from my haul. I think the bra top is from Urban Outfitters a few years ago and the heels are from Ross (can’t remember what brand and I don’t actually wear them out the house because they are SO uncomfortable).

Here is an up-close picture of the end of one of the pant legs. The pants have these rosettes all over and then at the bottom there is this mesh. I love these I feel like they’re 90s? Maybe they were more of a punk type of thing before?IMG_0101

I wore them to a concert tonight with an over-sized black sweater that was also a part of the haul. I paired them with a gold bracelet and my Reebok sneakers (purchased from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago) which I think are a throwback to a retro version.

I am trying a new thing with makeup. I did a pretty terrible job lol but wanted to start playing with color a bit more. I’m super inspired by Lupita Nyong’o’s use of primary colors with eyeshadow and lipsticks. I also just watched Nocturnal Animals and loved Amy Adam’s bold eyeshadow and lip colors in the movie so I tried to channel that a bit here. Alas, I do not have an eyeshadow primer but my friend let me borrow her green eyeshadow and I followed up with my pinkish clay lipstick.


I also got this sweater that I’m sort of meh about in this photo (as you can see with my semi-hostile facial expression lol) b/c idk what to wear it with yet but I love the way it hangs.


I also hate the pants b/c I got them home and realized they were far too big. I was hoping for them to be super tight like leggings but no so I’ll be bringing them to Crossroads or Goodwill.

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