I started this blog because this is my first time exploring thrifting. I’ve been to vintage stores before but never really thrifted and the Bay Area has so many amazing stores! I want to catalog the experience of thrifting in the Bay Area (and now LA) and show how to start out as a super fresh beginner. I want to be really open about the trials and errors of starting out.

I’m in my early twenties and I’m just now starting to figure out who I am and I think clothing relates to that so much. I had a clear sense of style in high school and then I went through a few phases in early college where I was trying on identities and my wardrobe got pulled along with those phases. I had also accumulated a ton of statement pieces and colorful items and I’m not really a girl who likes pattern so I just threw out most of my wardrobe all at once and decided to start over. I replaced most of my essentials and now I can start to play a bit so that’s what I’m doing with thrifting. Thrifting gives me the freedom to take risks without wasting a ton of money.

I think the only thing I’m pretty sure of with my style is that, IN GENERAL, I like to mostly play with texture and silhouettes and almost avoid patterns and colors completely. I like to stick with fairly neutral colors which allows me to focus on how different items lay on each other or how their textures complement one another. I like to sometimes wear multiple items in one color so that you’re not really sure if it’s one really complex garment or if it’s multiple pieces.