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Just found this shirt from Hyein Seo, fell in love, and wanted to play a bit.

T shirt

T shirt

Valentino high heel shoes
$1,500 –

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals
$580 –

Puma platform sneaker
$115 –

Simone Rocha scarve

Gucci leather glove
$565 –

Men’s shorts
$515 –

False eyelash
$11 –

Items I’m Eyeing

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Sigh. Here are some lovely things I’m currently pining for but will not actually buy. I’m obsessed with everything Balmain man right now so I wish I could put the whole website here. But alas, I restrained myself. Super into Glazed NYC and I love their berets which are not pictured. But I have to ask myself if I would actually wear one, like if that would be my style. Idk. This is the tough thing about online shopping. I often don’t know what I like until it’s on my body.

Trip to Downtown LA Zara

Yay! I just went to Zara. Also I moved to LA! Found this incredible dress. Instead of tying it in a bow I double knotted it so it looks like a choker/scarf. I paired it with my fave black pants that I’ve posted so much about.

I also found this skirt and top. So I was hating on the off-the-shoulder trend for a while cause my thoughts were: how is that livable irl? But I tried it with this top and it works!

Didn’t buy anything because ya girl has a history of fiscal irresponsibility 🤷🏽‍♀️. Next time. Next. Time.